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What a GREAT win for the Spurs without Leonard!!!!

That was not an easy game to win because those Nuggets were very confident and never gave up. They kept grinding and trying to come back.

What a HUGE effort by TD to establish the LEAD earlier. Tim Duncan does not like losing and you can never get him to accept any loss. He refuses to let this team lose and he enforced the Spurs lead earlier. WAY to go TD!!!!!

GREEN and TONY were both fantastic.... They both had so much FUN!!!!

It was almost like a TEXT Book. All team was clicking and on the same GEAR!

As much as I liked Blair starting, Tiago played very well from the bench and he made bigger impact with his few minutes on the court than Blair despite Blair getting 19 points and 8 rebounds. It is all about being SMART and making the right decisions and TIAGO is getting to better doing those and I am loving that!!

Props to Manu for a GREAT GAME. And to Captain JACK for a Very well Done Game! Jack also played very well the last game. Jack is such a wonderful fit here we are lucky to have him!!!!

Now this NICE W vs Nuggets should set Spurs on the right track to face those MIGHTY Clippers on Monday Night!!!! That is TEAM D at its best if they only can do it vs Clippers for 48 min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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