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I like the option mentioned below from the article. I'm sure Pop has been wondering how he gets PT for DeColo and this is it. He simply moves Nando from the end of the bench to starter without disrupting anything in between. No pressure on him to produce, except get the ball to the shooters and play some hard nose defense (he's got 6 fouls to waste). And Pop continues to use his same rotation as before. If DeColo doesn't take advantage of this opportunity, Austin is 60 miles away and bring back Joseph.

Start Nando De Colo: This move wouldn't surprise me at all, even though it's unlikely. Why would Pop start a rookie guard from overseas on a team that's playing to win it all this year? If Nando starts, he would have veteran leadership around him in Tony Parker and Tim Duncan while having Danny Green to take the load off of him to score. With De Colo's many intangibles and skills, he'd have no pressure to produce with this unit while bringing more to the table than Green would in the two-position. This move would leave Pop's bench in tact and with no problems with chemistry. He may not be the best defender, but he doesn't have to be locking his man down 1-on-1 if he's got help from Duncan (and Splitter if Tiago starts).
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