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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
I'm not buying the "they were gassed" argument either. So you're basically saying they should have played Bonner to give these guys a breather?

They played the same way they have been the last couple of years. They were just inefficient on offense. The reason I blame Manu is because he had two key turnovers when the Knicks made their final run, and he took 2 or 3 bad shots that killed any momentum the Spurs had. There were others that missed, but it seemed like Manu was trying to play himself out of a slump or something. That's why Pop pulled him out for Green, although it was too late. So if you want to blame Pop for keeping Manu IN the game, then go ahead.

I would put Diaw in the goat category as well.
you don't buy they were gassed when Parker was breathing heavy and having his arms on his knees during short breaks? Pop kept the same rotation the whole game to say that they were tired should be a non issue.

i was BEGGING for a Bonner sighting, but Pop apparently saw small ball and Jackson's intangibles as necessary to keep him out there at the 4. he's a better help defender than Bonner too. Splitter played well and Pop didn't play him over Jackson or over Duncan during the late minutes, that's something also.

Pop saw a rotation he liked and he kept it, then he saw a lineup he liked and he kept it. they lost their legs playing intensely at both ends of the floor. on one fast break opportunity, Duncan didn't even run back because he was so tired and that's nothing Duncan rarely does.
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