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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you blame the coaching (cue the "CIA Pop" or "how many rings have you won?" crap posts that come along when the coach fails in a game).

the major part of the loss is the team ran out of gas. the main reason that happened was staying small and helping on Melo EVERY play, we had no legs. all our guys were moving around at every point of the offense and defense. Splitter played well, Pop sat him at the end. Diaw didn't play well, but still could've been a body to spot some minutes.

Manu didn't do anything to cost the Spurs the game when we had the lead neither did Parker. if anyone blames Parker, Duncan, Jackson, Green, or Leonard on plays, watch them again: it was because they were gassed. the only brain fart the team actually had was Leonard helping out for Tony when it was Tim's job and that gave Chandler an easy put back dunk (Leonard was supposed to box out/defend Chandler on that play).

you don't get gassed and blame it on the players, that's the coaching and managing minutes. we all here don't let D'Antoni get away with that when he keeps his short roster, neither should we let Pop escape criticism. it also doesn't matter if Pop has won rings and D'Antoni doesn't, managing minutes is Coaching 101.
I'll play devil's advocate, mostly because I thought that was a learning game for players and coaches.

You blame gassed players and minutes required by the coach.

10 players were on the clock. None played less than 15 minutes. None played more than 36 minutes (excepting the 2 seconds that Parker played above that number). Overall, if this is the box score seen throughout the season, I don't expect huge arguments. Really, if that's the minute distribution going forward, that's awesome! That's not D'Antoni. Let's stop that argument now.

Maybe this had something to do with coming back from a constant deficit. Spurs looked not so good early. Always trying to match the Knicks. All the energy expended to come back may have something to so with the 'gassed' adjective.
I have an issue with the Spurs only being charged with 10 TOs for the game. Maybe the yahoo! box score only includes the 4th quarter. And Manu's TOs must have all been in the fourth quarter, since he was assigned 3 of the 10.

Coaches overplaying shouldn't be an issue. Minutes don't support it. Unless Manu played all of his 26 minutes in a row, he should be good.
If players aren't in shape for 25-30 minutes a game 10% into the season, then that's on them.
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