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Honestly, I would not blame any Spurs player for last night loss.

Most Spurs players OVER Played last night. They not only played but OVER played. They came over zealous and put it all with an attitude if you will...

Manu plays some Glimpses of GREAT D and some few good shots here and there, but his defense is now making up for his offense and let's hope he can become better on offense as he plays more. He needs to play more I would think to get his rhythm back except on the B2B games IMO.

Pop maybe just had to be a bit more aggressive in figuring a way to get Spurs understand the winners MENTALITY plays better vs. PHYSICAL EMPOWERED STUPID CONFIDENT team from NY who won 5 in a row and thinks they are WORLD BEATERS! LOL!
I thought last year in the PO that is what we faced an OKC team that was stupid confident at home and they won 4 in a row then. All mental ala Pop was asking Spurs player this (I want some nasty) . After 20 wins Spurs just got tired and gave up mentally... This comes from lacking experience IMO.

Jason Kidd not making those two Threes, Spurs were the winners. Jason freaking Kidd gets hot when he plays us because he wants to prove that he is better or whatever like that he is feeling that arrogant OLD PG. Can't stand his arse.

So glad we have Tony Parker and Tony played his ARSE off last night and people will still blame him. Unbelievable.

Blame the Refs if you want to believe it or not. I did not like the Refs last night. Some calls were HORRIBLE!

Hope Pop will figure a way to get Splitter more involved earlier in the game. I think one positive thing that is HUGE that I loved watching was Tiago being aggressive and sort of taking over the game. I loved it. Almost did not care if we lose it but I saw the improvement on our team.

It is a learning process for our Spurs they must go through to learn. This loss was needed just so they can learn to play better!
Go Spurs Go!
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