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Although Manu struggled, and will probably continue to do so until he gets healthy, this game lies totally on Parkers shoulders. He is the one that was running the offense, and never got the Spurs into the right sets at the right time. He also looked like he had a personal thing going trying to match Felton point for point. He took 20 shots to get 19 points. Thats, dare I say, Carmelo-ish. Plus, Felton was getting whatever he wanted while TP was guarding him. One game, and these things happen during the course of the year. I'm sure Pop will use it as a teaching tool. Manu needs to get his back right, for sure. I think he is in the , do I play through it, or do I get some rest and have to play back in to shape later scenario? Btw, where was Neal last night?
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