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Originally Posted by Guapo View Post
Has Bonner even played lately?
not a lot of people have noticed, but Jackson has been our backup PF with Splitter (or whoever isn't starting) as our backup C for the majority of the time. i doubt we make any move, this type of strategy works best against the Heat (who start/play Lebron at the 4) and the Thunder (who alo play Durant the 4 a bit). this is even a great strategy vs. the Lakers, who are going to rely on their starting 5 a lot and a SF running around on the perimeter will hurt their defensive help and their rebounding.

Originally Posted by steefposton View Post
"might"? Um Andy Varejao is playing really well right now and there's no way they say yes to Gary Neal for him straight up. They don't say yes to Neal + our poo poo platter of bench guys either.

agreed. it'd take a Manu to get him. he's been playing insane and rebounding like crazy. Gary Neal wouldn't get us anyone of significance. he's a decent backup 2 because Manu and Mills bail him out a lot on PG duties. there isn't a championship contender who'd trade an undersized SG to play that position, they'd want him to be the primary backup PG. we'd get nothing for him, not even a good 2nd rounder right now. Neal is over-hyped or given a lot of significance to this team by Spurs fans/SpursReporters. the only game he's gotten hot was the Sacramento game. other than that, Mills has outplayed him and it hasn't even been close.
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