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There is always the talk of bigs. And who to try and trade for. Why not look at milwaukee?


larry sanders

Power forwards;

Drew gooden
Mbah a moute
Ekpe udoh
Drew henson

So you would think sanders, udoh, or henson should be the targets. All are long and athletic. Udoh is 6'10" the other two are 6'11".
A combination of court joseph, blair, bonner, gary neal, our patty mills should get the job done.
They already have a blair in mbah a moute. But they lack a three point threat from their bigs. Or a stretch 4. So boner seems more like it.
They just drafted doron lamb do they might have no interest in neal. Unless they would like to have both and have two shooters at the 2 spot? So I'm thinking joseph might interest then more.
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