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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I find this somewhat bogus since I have seen Ginobili or Parker at the top of the key at the end of games probably over 100 times.
Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Exactly. The play call is a result of TD, Manu and Parker being unable to isolate and score anymore.
i think hero ball is described more like a superstar at the top of the key and getting a screen or finding a way to create their own shot somehow, something you see Lebron/Kobe/Wade do a lot. the difference with the Spurs is, while Manu/TP may get a screen, Pop has guys in there that are there to take the shot if they're open without hesitation (like Mason a few times, Finley, Bowen even). i think that's the big difference. when Lebron gets an iso on the top and passes to an open role player, it most likely wasn't drawn up that way. i'm sure Pop draws up a play where he gives it to a star and the role players are equally involved in taking the game winning shot.
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