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WOW!!! JUST WOW!!! That was a GREAT WIN for Da Spurs!

Became my favorite player now.
The kid has been nothing but BRILLIANT on both ends of the floor.
He played AWESOME! Let's hope he keeps it up! He deserves to be an All Star soon! I am voting him in my write up every day.

And Mr. LEONARD is an AMAZING talent. I mean My Man Bruce Bowen must have been watching and saying to himself. Wow this kid is going to be better than me...... Sean Elliott already said it that Leonard is going to be much better than him. Props to Mr. LEONARD for a HUGE D and some glimpses of brilliance on Offense.

Those new guys missed Training Camp last year and they did good but this year they are showing GREAT PROGRESS and they will be both Huge come PO.

Tiago Splitter came up BIG at the end of the game. I hope Pop can un leach TIAGO... Because this kid if he gets MAD and Angry.... I can feel the BEAST coming and he can be AMAZING!

Tony Parker is DEADLY when he is ON!
Tony lead the team with his aggressive attacks and determination and poise!

Well done TP! Without TP this game was questionable.

Tim Duncan has KILLER INSTINCT... Don't you ever doubt his power or he burns you! He is the anchor on Defense and he can punish people for guarding him too!!! Hope he continues this great combination!

Manu despite less points scored HIS DEFENSE eas HUGE!
Manu does those little disruptive things that KILL other teams! Very ANNOYING and Very Under Rated! MAN if this MANU can only get his shooting rhythm back This whole team would be SCARY! I am so GLAD Manu played we were told he was doubtful before the game. Hope he gets near 100% soon!

Well all the hype still is with the Lakers of course despite them losing! The sports gurus on espn radio today were saying when D'Antoni comes back and Nash is back that Lakers team would be unstoppable. And Pop's after the game last night said to reporter is MANU returns and Nash would be there of course both teams would be better off. So it is to be seen!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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