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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
"The new coach will likely have to wait a while to utilize point guard Steve Nash, who is expected to miss at least another week due to a small fracture in his leg. Nash, who won two NBA MVP awards while running D'Antoni's offense with the Suns, has missed the last five games."
whoops, thanks! Blake's out too, so that makes it really difficult for D'Antoni to want to run. Duhon (who was his starting PG in NY) is really the only one they got. problem with him in NY was he wasn't the pure passer the coach needed to make the scheme work.

Pop can still try changing the 1-2-3 schemes, although it'd be unnecessary. Pop will probably go with a double team then with Parker and Leonard on opposite sides of each other trying to cheat for steals.

the irony of this game is a Pop team will probably (should anyway) run a D'Antoni team out of the gym tonight.
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