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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
How do you prep for a game like this? With all the events going on in LA, it seems uncertain who or what they are up against.
VERY difficult. you don't know what the Lakers are going to do.

do not be surprised if Pop goes with Leonard roaming a little bit and leaving World Peace open for jumpers, in case any Spurs need help with their man. this is the most likely thing in my opinion.

other scenarios:
i don't know how confident Pop would be to go with the Bowen/Nash matchup and switch Parker to Kobe and Green to World Peace while Leonard guards Nash.

Coach could go with a 2005 Suns defense strategy and give them the 1-5 pick and roll while staying with everyone else. you know that would definitely irk Kobe if he's not a part of the offense.
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