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I may be in a very small minority, but I think this is an excellent move for the Lakers. You don't bring Steve Nash in to run the triangle. You run the pick and roll with him. Add to that mix the most dangerous rolling big man in the game and you have a potent combo. You can also run pick and pop with Gasol or just kick to him if they double Howard on the roll.

The big issue however is Kobe. With this system, the PG has to dominate the ball and as we saw with Melo, other players that have to be ball dominant can be a problem.

If D'Antoni is smart and Kobe is wise, he'll have Kobe come off the bench. This does three things. One, it minimizes the overlap between the two ball dominant guards which will allow the offense to run more smoothly. Second, it will reduce the minutes and thus the wear and tear on the Lakers 2 aging guards. Third, the biggest weakness going into the season was a lack of a bench. By bringing Kobe off the bench, you have instantly created one. It might be a tough sell, but it is definitely the smart play.
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