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I've said this for years Neal is not an NBA PG period. The guy is a two guard. I don't like him at point. I do not like him on the floor at the same time with SJax either. I think Pop likes him at the one because with Green and Manu when do you play this guy? When do you play Nando? I don't get why they have so many small guards either. It was clear that they needed to address some issues in the off season. All they did is was sign Nando and draft another small guard in Denmon. I don't get the repeditive components of this team. They need size up front. They need more athletic players. Hopefully they re-sign manu for cheap next summer and clear the cap more. Bonner has a million buck buyout so he will be dealt no doubt. Back to the topic though, I think they need to play Neal spot minutes at the two only. Mills should be the primary backup PG.
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