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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Nash out 3.8 of 5 games
Howard not yet in shape after coming back early from back surgery
Kobe banged up with foot injury
Meta World Peace is well, Meta World Peace
Pau Gasol - a ok
Bench...what bench

At least when CIA Pop fired Bob Hill and installed himself as head coach he waited 18 games after 2 FULL seasons.

This only has any merit if they have someone else lined up to take over; otherwise it was pretty stupid.

PS - Congratulations on the prediction. I rank that one somewhere between predicting that Lindsey Lohan will do something skanky and it being ass sweat stain hot for at least 25 days in August.
You don't run a princeton offense with Nash and Howard. Having Nash off the ball on offense makes zero sense. Howard can't pass period. It wouldn't work even if all the Lakers were 110% healthy. It was a horrible choice for an offense with THAT group of players. I like Mike Brown but why keep going with that offense if you're Lakers? The move had to be made.
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