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Nice win despite all the wooooes in Sac Town.

This Kings team is just too immature. They have long ways to go... They have great talents there however they lack experience and LEADERSHIP!

Thank Goodness we have Great Leaders on our TEAM.

Kings were chippy and played not very smart especially at the end of the game!

I wouldn't celebrate if I was them and start daring and taunting TD and Co. That was not very smart.... Paid for that at the end!!! Very childlike.

Spurs showed great composure and patience and played as a TEAM.

Props to Pop who made the right changes with TP, Jack, & Bonner feeling under the weather..

My favorite moments came as Danny Green sneaking up on the kings and sticking his hands in their pockets stealing, and clocking those Timely Threes. Danny Green!!! This guy rocks!!! So Glad we have him here!!!

Then Leonard was GREAT out there. Leonard can frustrate the opponents like hell. He can be so annoying to other teams on D... So can Danny Green sometimes...

off course TD and Manu were the main reason we were winning.

The most obvious HERO was that Mills being such a SMART player recognizing where to pass and when to shoot and steal. Mills was AWESOME! HUGE plays as TP was not able to sustain his energy!!! LOVED watching Mills out there.

Hope TP and Captain Jack get well soon. The bug might slow them a little but they will be back.

Let's hope Manu gets few stitches and comes back soon!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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