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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you were saying he'd sign, Will is saying that it was reported Duncan did sign. 2 different things from your opinion and the fact.

if Duncan's info did leak before that he signed for $10 mill would have been huge news on the board.
Huh? YOU started the quoted thread.
And the quoted article at the beginning of the thread says

Duncan, whose contract last season called for him to be paid $21.2 million, will get $9.65 million next season and $10.4 million in 2013-14. The final season of the three-year deal, at Duncan’s option, is for an even $10 million.


Earlier published reports had put Duncan’s pay package between $34 million and $39 million.
You had a couple comments mid-thread. So, it appears that there was news that Timmy signed for ~$10M/year. But not really huge news.
It was an entirely different thread that I guessed that Timmy would sign for $10M/year.

Will only had memory of the thread (to the best of my knowledge). But, still, kudos.
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