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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
so did our 3 point specialist big. our 6'6" center got 11 (tied with Duncan). it's very hard to judge them as "soft" against just one team who's PF was converted from SF and their center is freakin tall and long armed. Diaw does well against traditional bigs who don't move around too well and David West is the opposite of that.


Diaw was not playing his best game, but he was okay. He can and will do better though. Esp since Pop tried to mix that rotation a little. Bringing Blair off the bench sent a clear message though.

Pop is da Master in playing the matchup vs other teams. Every game seems different.

I will add here that Manu played fantastic. We all know TP, TD & Captain Jack & Leonard & Green were clicking. But as Manu coming back into rhythm now Pop needs to tweak that rotation according to matchups.

Nice work Pop!

Great job by Manu!!!! I LOVED watching Manu play last night.. Last year we never had that luxury of having Manu developing those new guys. It is priceless to see Manu coming back! As Manu comes along with the fundamentals of TD and TP... This missing part last year was huge Manu's developing and meshing well enough with the second unit. Nothing can beat a Strong bench with so many weapons. And our team would be scary if this trend continues.

This year Pop is catching them up and starting to iron some huge wrinkles that were hiding in disguise of winning and forgetting key things.

I guess everyone is playing better this season so far. Let's hope they all stay healthy and get glued and focused to never lose that team thing.
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