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If I were the spurs GM

If i made personnel decisions for the Spurs. I would start out by waiving Blair. Since he has an unguaranted contract for this year (i believe till January) he shouldn't cost anything. I would then sign Sean Williams. In his one year he played solid minuets he avg 17.5 min over 50% shooting, 4.4 reb and 1.5 blks. This would help our Defense and maybe even give us somewhat of a low post presence while still being young (26). I would probably tell him hewould need to agree to go to the Toros to start so he could lean the system while still getting PT and practice. He would be able to play with any big besides Tiago but as a 5th big I think that would work.

I would then sign Hassan Whiteside or Keith Benson but Iwould probably go with Hassan as he is more of a true Center. I would put him on the Toros and leave him there the whole year to see what he is able to do. If he doesn't work out we cut him at the end of the year and It probably cost us a mil.

If we are not able to wave blair with no cost then I would just get Williams.

I know these are both people that have been cut from teams before but we need to do something to address our issue and this is the best thing that i can think of to try. It doesn't cost the Spurs much and it gets them some young players. One has done ok and one people thought was going to be good.

anyway let me know what some of yall think.
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