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Of course I'd love to have Favors, but no way Utah trades him or Kanter (even though I think Kanter is "bust" material). I'm thinking short term in order to win #5-6. Then Duncan/Manu retire, we reload around Kawhi and go from there. You're right, Jackson would have to be included for salary purposes, but don't you think Utah would rather have Neal than Tinsley and Jackson rather than DeMare Carroll? Their bench gets much better and they clear some time for Favors with Blair backing him up (I'd keep Splitter). So what about Blair/Neal/Jackson/Green for Jefferson/Marvin Williams

PG: Parker, Mills, Joseph
SG: Manu, De Colo
SF: Leonard, Williams
PF: Duncan, Diaw, Bonner
C: Jefferson, Splitter

With Leonard moving to the 2 with Williams from time to time and bring in one of the SF from D-League/summer to fill in for blow-outs, injuries, etc.

I take that team against an overrated L.A. team and an OKC team that reset their clock without Harden.

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