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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Pass. Too old and I don't think his hiatus from basketball did him any wonders unless he was doing daily workouts. They always want to try to make one more comeback, but at age 38 with dodgy knees, I just don't see it happening.
with a free roster spot, why not? if people here wanted Eddy Curry or Powell or even a G/F to be signed, McDyess at a discount wouldn't hurt at all (especially if it's non guaranteed). the worst thing that would happen would be that McDyess is behind Blair/Bonner in the rotations, the situation we're in right now anyway.

also remember, during the brief RJ era, McDyess was really one of our toughest guys out there. the bad part was that he was tough but didn't show it. with Jackson and Ginobili off the bench along with Splitter and hopefully a backup PG who is performing well all around, 2nd units would have fits with them.
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