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Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
I agree with Dr. Real's analysis of Bonner , however Blair plays himself out of games.

Last night, after complaining on Twitter about lack of playing time, what does Blair do for his first position? Shoot a flat jumper early in the shot clock. This whole summer he's being saying the right things about letting the offense come to him, and being patient, and he couldn't wait one possession to fire a bad jumper.

I know Blair has the potential to be better than Diaw and Bonner, he has good post moves, he can move without the ball, and he can rebound the best out of the team. He just doesn't , for whatever reason. I know he's only 6'6, but he could compensate for those short comings, he just mentally checks out and complains.
Exactly. He lacks the mental toughness pop demands.
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