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Originally Posted by Dr. Real View Post
Stop using these two excuses as long as Bonner is getting more minutes than Blair. Plus, Blair is not as bad as most people here would like to believe.
Blair puts better numbers up, but what you need to keep in mind is that Pop's approach is to take the guy who is less likely to screw up over the guy with a high risk/reward ratio.

In other words, on some nights Blair can go for 20 and 20 and carry us.

But you never know when you're going to get one of those games vs. one where he goes 2/7 with 3 rebounds in 28 minutes.

And you can guarantee he makes the defense worse every time he steps on the court.

He's like the choice between a semi-hot chick who, on any given night, might give you a really nice time or might curse at you, hit you with her purse, and knock out your car windows, or the mediocre looking girl who has cookies in the oven and your favorite meal on the stove every time you come over.

Given that, Pop goes with the sure thing who won't ruin his night.
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