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Originally Posted by tbp82 View Post
I say move him. You could probably use him and Neal and get something back. I know it won't be much but you could get maybe a young big in the same situation as Blair. Here's three

1.) Ed Davis-if you look at Toronto Ed seems to be like thier Dejuan Blair he is the odd man out. Not sure if Toronto would want Blair but with Jonas and Bargini there they could use a guy like Blair who brings a littl toughness.

2.) Austin Daye-I know Daye is more of a small forward than a Power Forward but he is almost 7'0 tall and his length could bother some people. Plus I think he is coachable. I think Pop could do wonders with Daye.

3.) Anthony Randolph-It seems that Randolph shows flashes everywhere he goes but is the odd man out everywhere he goes. Like I said about Toronto not sure if Denver would want Blair but he might be more valuable to them than a Randolph would. Another player I think Pop would do wonders for.
The Spurs tried to trade him ALL SUMMER LONG.

Nobody wants an undersized big man who can't shoot, is getting worse statistically, runs his mouth on twitter, and has ticking time bombs where his knees should be.
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