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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
37-6-11 is good against any team and the league is filled with the best player on bad teams putting up huge numbers against other bad teams and sometimes even against good teams.

And nope, I don't think they're going to beat out Denver or Utah. I think they'll be lucky to get close to a .500 season, the West is just way to strong and there's absolutely nobody on the Houston roster (outside of Harden) who has shown anything even remotely close to a consistent high level of play.

And you're right if they were in the East their chances would be better, but they're not, they're in the West, so rocket fans need to hope the ping-pong balls fall right for them at the next draft lottery so they can continue to get better.
Time will tell but I see Utah and Denver at the same level as Houston. I think Houston's got a chance. You say no one's been consistent on Houston but none of their players have had the opportunity to really prove it either way. They are all really young with a lotta potential. I think you'll have a real reason to judge after a full year.

I'm not sayin they'll be a playoff team but I wouldn't be surprised if they snuck in. Other than the usuals, the bottom half aren't head and shoulders above them. If they can stay healthy, they can reasonably sneak in at #8.

Guess we have different ideas of what constitutes a bad team. When you say bad team, I'm thinkin Phoenix.
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