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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he may be saving him for tonight.

if Manu plays, i think Pop was doing the same for him. i think it's gotten to the point where Pop needs to start Blair if we're keeping this team. only reason i say that is because we have no firepower in the big position off the bench and Diaw would play great with Manu, Jackson, and (if Pop would play him) De Colo while our starters kept around the same level of play with Diaw starting.

last night we played SJax as backup PF (yeah baby who called that one?! this guy!), but i think he's only valuable if we stick with him in that position and mix/match our other guards. i think Pop needs to either play/start Blair (because Blair/Splitter will never work as both can't shoot and we'll have 2 opposing bigs in the paint the whole time) or play Jackson full time with Splitter and move a De Colo or Manu to SF so we can be more lethal on offense than with Bonner just spotting up at the 3. Jackson can do what Bonner does plus more.
First off good call on SJAX PF role. We saw glimpses last year in WCF with him playing that position and am sure well see it alot more this year. I'd like to think that Blair is a situational player against certain teams but truth is so should Bonner (If hes not shooting or is "cold as ice" (Yes Rick James reference), dude should not be playing. I know his per minute stats are better than Blair but he should not see anywhere near the amount of PT of say Splits and Diaw. Bonner/Blair should see whatever minutes relegated to the 4th big depending on the opponent.
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