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Originally Posted by 3 Legged Dog View Post
It's not Leonard that I'm worried about. Bonner, Splitter, Green and Neal are inconsistent... If not worthless.
Green was decent. He did what I wanted him to do. Unless you expect him to be a star. He had one of the tear drops in this game, but his motion to the basket was much better (to avoid charge). He's obviously worked on that.

Splitter improved last year. Injuries slowed him. It seems the lineup is setup so he's the second unit big. If he stays that way, he should do fine.

Neal's D and inability to really play PG will always hamper him. It's always going to weaken his effectiveness when you take him out of his 2 guard role.

Originally Posted by spursfan9 View Post
barely won against the hornets!
They are perhaps the best worst team in the league. They had less talent last season and were very competitive. This season they've added more talent and Williams has got them playing hard, again. They aren't too far. They will not be an easy win for any team this season.

Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
I think Splitter could be more if given time but the other two are pretty much damn worthless IMO and hit their ceiling already. This is pretty scary they still get minutes. Pop will still play them.
Don't worry he'll get more time. Duncan/Diaw starting. Then Pop went with Splitter as the big off the bench. In the second half Bonner didn't play and Blair DNP'd.

Pop has options now.

More traditional

Smaller ball:
Duncan/KL or SJ
Splitter/KL or SJ

At most, Bonner and Blair will likely be situational.

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