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TD wants in on DaTrillStak5 Action

I hope TD is able to be the better man and work with S Jax on the court still:

For years, we have applauded the San Antonio Spurs for their ability to keep their team together, avoid controversy and build a franchise where everyone gets along and does what is best for the team. This approach has won the Spurs four titles in the past 15 years.
But finally, there is a huge crack in the armor and — surprise of all surprises — it’s Tim Duncan who is doing the complaining. From the San Antonio Express-News:
“I asked [Stephen Jackson] if I could rap a little on his album, and he told me no, straight out,” Duncan said. “I was very offended. He’s never even heard me rap. He doesn’t know what I could do.”
Oh man. This sounds bad. I’m not sure the Spurs will ever be able to recover from this controversy. Not only did Stephen Jackson turn down his teammate and franchise leader, he didn’t even give him the time of day. That’s so inconsiderate and insulting that it’s easy to see them falling in to a downward spiral of bickering, animosity and increasingly threatening rap beefs. These things can get out of hand pretty fast. Just ask Kris Humphries.
Plus, doesn’t Stephen Jackson know that a co-sign from a major player like Tim Duncan would be huge fore his career? And doesn’t he furthermore know that everyone who is a basketball fan would want to hear Tim Duncan rap, just to see how well his new operating system works after being reprogrammed with Rap Battles 3.0? At the very least, just let him spit a few bars so we can see how he works in his love of “Magic: The Gathering.” Wizards rhymes are hot right now.

Stephen Jackson wouldn’t let Tim Duncan rap on his album | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

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