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Pop didn't screw up, he took a team that no one thought could contend and put them on the course for an all time run that fell just a bit short.

I know thats not what anyone on this board wanted, but most teams would be giddy about that. The fact is after beating the Thunder two games, Scott Brooks realized they could play the same style of ball the spurs were playing and maybe could improve it because their best players were better than ours.

In the first two games, the thunder were playing one on one selfish ball, it wasnt until they started passing that they crushed us (then choked it up in the finals...smh)

I still think the spurs have a shot if the matchups turn out in their favor. We need to avoid OKC, I think we matchup well with LA (i especially look forward to some hack-a-dwight). If we get the #1 seed, which is perfectly conceivable, and the lakers take out OKC in the second round, who knows. The NBA playoffs is always about matchups. The Phoenix Suns would have had two or three titles if they never ran up against the Spurs. Maybe it won't happen, but its worth watching.
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