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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
I'm seeing how the Spurs offense is similar to the Suns old offense, as Jose tried to explain previously. To me, the difference is the Spurs are trying to get good shots early, as opposed to just jacking it up no matter what.

the pick and roll in the early plays are similar to the old Spurs pick and roll plays (substitute Bowen for Leonard and Horry for Bonner in those positions).

the difference with the offense after that (like Diaw handling the ball or passing it inside) is that we don't have Bowen, Horry, and Barry standing around the whole time waiting for the Big 3 to create because just about every one else is in motion during the plays (like when Leonard cut to the basket for a Diaw pass, something Bowen would never do). it's really the same offensive plays from before but with guys moving. the great thing about that with older guys like Manu handling the ball and a slower Parker than from his prime is Duncan/Splitter are good screeners and bump the opposing guard enough where a guy other than the 2 defenders in the play (Durant in most of those) has to help out which helps ball movement and guys cutting to the basket because their guy's back is facing them.

the bad thing is if guys are in motion and close to the basket, that may lead to transition points for the other team (remember we used to keep two 3 point shooters on the wing plus Bowen running back when the ball was in the air before the other team got a rebound), which kind of explains why our defense isn't that good recently.
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