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Originally Posted by SilverSpur View Post
I agree, but only if Popovich can start playing the DEPTH of his team in the playoffs while actually trusting that they will perform. There was a lot of animosity with the coaching ranks last season about the way Popovich had his favorites who simply could not and would not perform, yet continued to get minutes. Meanwhile, other guys (the guys who got you there) sat on on the bench or were yanked the moment they took the slightest misstep. That does not instill confidence, does it? Pop has the deepest team in the league (even deeper than Miami in my opinion), but that ain't worth squat if you don't play the kids.

In order for the Spurs to win it all, now, the coach himself has to evolve too.
You're right on with this, sadly Pop could care less what others think and say. He's pulled the same thing every year in the playoffs and it's not going to be any different this year.
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