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I actually like the trade for the Rockets.

Martin is a classic great stats on a bad team kind of guy. And he seriously cannot play defense. At all.
Lamb will likely be good, but not as good as Harden is today.
Draft picks after #3 can be great (K Leonard) or not so much (H Thabeet).
There is no guarantee.

Lin should be okay next year. McHale runs an offense that uses point guards to create.
Asik can't do much on offense, but word around town (radio, mostly), is that he's even better than expected on defense.
Harden is arguably a top 20 player. He's only 23. And he's about to be overpaid, but locked up for years.

At worst, the Rockets set themselves up to be what they were. #9 in the West. And the best damn lottery team you can be.
At best, they create a core for the next few years that improves. I'm hoping for the second.
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