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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
the only good thing they acquired was 2 first round picks, but if Houston makes any noise in the playoffs, those won't be good picks at all.

problem they have, in my opinion, is Martin is a FA next year. they're over the cap, so if he walks, that means they're over the cap and won't have significant money. Add to that: Eric Maynor is also going to be a RFA next year and probably won't return.

i think this is more of a money saving type of deal while still drawing some fans in. i do think it killed their title chances because they won't be able to add more pieces. if they would've kept Harden with Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka, you could've used the MLE this year and next year to build a pretty good team to contend.

my 2 cents: i do think Harden is a way better player at his position and on that team than Westbrook is. the Thunder made a huge mistake giving Westbrook a big deal over Harden since Westbrook and Durant's game on the court really don't compliment each other.
Solid post. This is the point. It hurts OKC mostly short-term. I know they are thinking of the future, which is good. However, I think they should've thought more about which players were more valuable.

I like Westbrook but Harden seemed to be to be the stabilizer offensively. He took so much pressure off of the Durant and Westbrook. No one else will command that much attention.

It is much like if the Spurs would've allowed Manu to walk at their peak. Sure he plays the 6th man role. Sure Tim was the cornerstone. Sure TP could take over in spurts offensively. Yet, there would have been no deep runs or playoff successes without Manu taking control. Harden BECAME that for OKC in a lesser sense. Teams would bear down on Durant as SA did last season and it didn't matter. Westbrook is unreliable in the 4th quarter but Harden was the more dependable leader down the stretch. Yet, they chose the enigmatic, erratic Westbrook (who's a great player, I know) over Harden. Again, Harden is NOT a bench player. He's a starter like Manu.

Anyhoo, better for the Spurs.
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