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Problem isn't the season. It iss the post season. We run a rotation that plays 11 or 12 guys at times. In the post season, that's what killed us. OKC was able to keep their youth and best players on the floor for sometimes 44+ mins a game while our best players played somewhere between 28-33. Our second unit had to play with their top tier guys and frankly couldn't hang. Our post season "freshness" and minutes will determine our fate. Can our best players play in a shortened rotation with increased minutes against the other teams best players? That is the big question. Come play off time, I'd like to see our rotation something like Parker, Manu, Kawi, Capt Jack, Timmy (gotta love that line up to end the game) with Diaw, Green and either Splitter or Bonner. That's it. 8 max.
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