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I think the new system is working perfectly. It just doesn't start working for the LA's and NYC's and Chicago's for a couple of seasons. When in full effect, those teams (along with miami) won't be able to hoard expensive players either.

Teams like the Spurs who value loyalty and team chemistry benefit the most. I find the article to be short sighted at best.

This is exactly what is supposed to happen. A player must either get on board with the team concept and take less money, or go to a team that isn't already loaded with stars. Harden must think he is the #1 or #2 guard in the league. Well, now he has to prove it. It will take a couple of years, but players will start realizing that they don't deserve max money unless they are the best player on their team, and one of the top 3 or 4 in their position in the league. Houston is gambling that Harden is while OKC know's that he isn't (at least for them).

A couple of other things. . . Nash is Old and Bynum is better than Howard.
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