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People who think this was to OKC's advantage short term have amnesia. Harden killed the Spurs in the playoffs. His 4th quarter performance kept the good guys at bay. He was the guy that the Spurs just couldn't get a handle on. Durant is Durant. AND...Harden is NOT a 6th man! He's a starter who happens to come off the bench to punch the other team in the mouth ala Ginobili.

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, he's a bonefied All-Star.

AND...Houston did well in this trade. They got Harden, a pretty decent distance shooter in Cook along with a decent backup center. I expect Lin to be a serviceable PG with flaws but he should be better playing with Harden. And Asik is the type of center I hoped the Spurs would look at. Tough, gritty and a big body. They won't win a championship but they did well in this trade. Martin wasn't taking them anywhere. Harden is a player NOW while Lamb - though I like him - is just gettin started. If you want to start winnin now, you do this trade!
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