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I looks to me as if they have decided to have a quality team for the next year or two but not necessarily a top contender while they parley their draft picks, young talent, and expiring contracts into the next phase of team building.
That is such a huge gamble ; and basically a gamble that any of these guys will turn into an all star player, is pretty high risk/high reward.

To me it's not a sure thing that Lamb will be as good as Harden, or that any of those picks become anything at all. On face value You sent an all star away for uncertainty. If I was a Thunder fan I'd be pretty upset (I'm not, and I'm glad). The Thunder had a very good , blooming young team, with 3 legit all stars that finally learned to become a team. Now , you've removed the right side of that triangle of talent, and hope you can spell Harden with run of the mill avg. players.

Add on top a report that OKC brass has been doing damage control with the players, stating "The players are totally behind this guys" , on a team that has had player issues before (Westbrook's prior drama).

Did Harden put them in a tough spot asking for money? Sure he did. But I don't think a sudden trade, on a young team, to a valued cog of their machine is going to bode well for the thunder.

and I'm stoked about it.
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