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Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
I think OKC panicked.
I don't think they panicked at all. This situation has been anticipated for a couple of years. It has been discussed often in the sports press. OKC built a contender by bringing in young talent on cheap contracts. They developed and matured into the WC champions. However, it was inevitable that the cheap contracts would expire and the problem of paying for all that talent would come up. It has been realized for some time that they could not keep all their best players under the CBA rules.

What we have seen now is their solution. They have decided that Durant, Ibaka and possibly Westbrook are their franchise stars.

I looks to me as if they have decided to have a quality team for the next year or two but not necessarily a top contender while they parley their draft picks, young talent, and expiring contracts into the next phase of team building.
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