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Just heard the news. Houston got what they wanted in a star now. Yes I do believe he is a star an will certainly be one now in Houston. As much as I like the trade, I do think this makes OKC better for the future with draft picks. Houston will not be a playoff team in the west so those acquires picks are that much more valuable especially signing Lin to that massive contract once they find out he's truly overhyped. But to think that OkC is better now for the trade is misleading. They took a step back, nothin drastic but Knart is truly a scorer and not known for passing. oKC would be better brining in him off the bench since he demands the ball so much. I love my spurs whose stars work to stay with the team. As much people like to think that employee/employer loyalty doesn't exist anymore, our Big 3 shows that it still does. Our chances to overthrow OKc just became much better in the WCF as the lakers depth is still a major concern that should not be overlooked
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