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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
This is true to a degree, but I think we could stand to have more defensive balance.

Maybe if we have a defensive minded big man we're not equal to the Heat (or maybe OKC), but we close the gap.

To my way of thinking, our offense is as good as it can get, but we lack on defense.

You are correct to note that our offense can't keep up with OKC or Miami when they are rolling (though I'd say we'd have a better shot vs. Miami than OKC did because our defensive strengths/weaknesses fit them better), but one of the things a good defense does is take some pressure off your offense.

Notice that OKC's offense played better when they slowed us down and could play more loose on offense.

That is what I think we are lacking.
Each game in the series came down to the last few minutes, and OKC's stars won games for them. And it's not like they were just parading to the paint. They were hitting well guarded mid to long range shots. My point is this team, even with a Miami-like defense, would still not able to finish at the end of games.
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