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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Pretty much what I've been saying all along. They can go out and get a defensive minded big man (which would be nice either way), or rest their laurels on the fact that they have a couple of perimeter defenders that will be better this year. But defense isn't what did the Spurs in. It's that they ran into a team whose best horses are better than and outlasted the Spurs best horses. No defense is going to go "90's Knicks" on the Thunder or the Heat. They are too good. You have to be able to keep up. And the Spurs tried with all their heart, but they don't have that extra gear anymore, unless KY Leonard takes a monumental leap this year.
i agree somewhat. if Pop wants to be better defensively vs. the opposing team's starters. he just may start Splitter next to Duncan and have our bench be an offensive minded lineup while the starters are more D minded (then you mix and match in the later quarters).

i do agree that defense isn't what did us in, it was more of losing gas and the Thunder having a 2nd wind.
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