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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Nah, the mavs don't need Curry for info on the Spurs, he wasn't around long enough to be of help, they need a big body and like I said elsewhere you can't teach 7 foot and in the West you need big bodies. And besides every body and his brother knows how the Spurs play..
they say this about EVERYONE who moves to one team then to a rival. remember when Finley signed here and everyone thought "we'll learn some Mavs secrets!" or Sean Marks going to the Hornets and telling CP3 some "Spurs secrets" and let's not forget Horry signing here and "telling us Laker secrets".

head coaches have assistant coaches to look at every play from every team and check tendencies, taking up a roster spot to "spy" on a team is useless and rarely done. i agree with you wholeheartedly though, even if this ridiculous premise was true, Curry wasn't there long enough nor did he succeed in the schemes defensively to even be a factor.
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