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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
An explanation, perhaps: There is a Developmental League allocation rule, instituted in 2010, that allows up to three of an NBA team’s final training camp cuts to be allocated to its D-League affiliate.

Meaning, if the Spurs keep Witherspoon and Green on their camp roster until Saturday, those two players can eschew the crapshoot of the D-League draft and proceed directly to the Austin Toros. Provided they agree to a standard D-League contract, of course.

Neither Witherspoon nor Green would count against the Spurs’ 15-man NBA roster in that instance.

There is a bit of gamesmanship at play.

Waive a player too early, and you risk leaving him open for another NBA team to sign and allocate.

For example, rookie forward Justin Holiday, recently waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers in hopes of later assigning him to Canton.

That plan was submarined when the Portland Trail Blazers signed Holiday to their camp roster instead."
great post. so before anyone gets excited at what this kid can do, he's basically insurance in case someone goes down. Witherspoon and Green going to Austin and i can't help but think we keep Powell.
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