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Originally Posted by HeloteSpurs View Post
The question marks of the Spurs front office continue, many teams were reportedly interested in Eddy Curry if he was cut, even if the Spurs never used him that fact that teams are interested means we could have used him as trade bait, why do the Spurs never want size? We've needed a answer at the Center position since David Robinson retired in 2003, it does not take 9 years to figure out what a blind man can see.

^ Frustrated!
Curry has absolutely zero trade value. Why would any team give up any assets for a guy they could have signed for a one year vet min contract a month ago. This roster spot is going to go to a guy who won't even suit up for the team unless someone higher on the depth chart gets hurt, then this player will sit on the bench until garbage time. With that in mind I think we should grab Witherspoon. Powell is already over the hill for an NBA player. He's played for 6 different teams/coaches and has never cracked 6pts per game. We know what he is capable of and vast majority of NBA players see little to no improvement past their 29th birthday. Witherspoon on the other hand has all the physical gifts to be an NBA player. The knock on him from what I've read is on the mental/maturity side.

The Spurs are a ridiculously deep team. If they need a contribution this year from the 15th guy on the roster, then they are in a lot more trouble than worrying about who fills that spot. With that in mind, I think the best course of action will be to go with the guy who may be able to contribute down the road after proving that he has matured in the D-League.

PS Judging from the pattern of last year, this guy may not even be on the roster for very long. The Spurs were constantly bringing players in on 10 day contracts last year. Wesley Witherspoon is probably going to be the first of many such players to come.
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