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Spurs waive Brown AND Curry, Powell/Witherspoon still in camp


#Spurs just announced they waived Eddy Curry and Derrick Brown. Ah well, can't say I'm surprised.

@mdeleon Looks like Spurs have waived Brown and Curry. #fb #spurs


i'm not the guy who likes to boast and all, but Powell is still in camp. i've been pulling for him to make it because he's the best all around choice from the bigs who got waived. Curry doesn't play defense and Brown was hailed as a guy who can shut guys down in practice but never be good enough to be in an actual game and for all we know, he probably can't guard Durant since Gerald Wallace isn't even close having Durant's ability. Powell would bring more than what Blair or Bonner bring to the table.

also to note: if Powell does have an actual role on this roster as the 4th big if he stays, Pop can bring Diaw off the bench and start Splitter next to Duncan which will help our starting defense tremendously.
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