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PG: Parker, Neal, Mills, Joseph
SG: Manu, Green, De Colo
SF: Leonard, Jackson,
PF: Duncan, Bonner, Blair
C: Diaw, Splitter, Curry

With Curry, I think we're "fine" at all of the traditional spots, except SF. Going with the idea of 2 bigs, 2 wings and a PG though and I think that makes the need for another SF moot as well. Obviously a defending/rebounding big would be nice and a bigger SF to deal with the Lebrons/Durants of the world would be nice, but overall I'm happy with the team. I wonder if it wouldn't behoove us to try a (more successful, but lower version) of Houston's to package several of these assets into a starter quality player (the big mentioned above). Some combination of (Mills or Joseph)+(Green or Neal)+(Bonner or Blair) for an Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap for example (with I'm sure some $ or picks thrown in or another contract coming back). Utah gets a better backup for Mo Williams than Jamal Tinsley, Green could start at the 2, move Hayward to his natural 3 position. Williams moves to the bench and becomes a 6th man candidate backing up the 3 and 4, and most importantly, they clear playing time for Favors (who looks like the real deal.) That gives us:

PG: Parker, Neal, Mills
SG: Manu, De Colo
SG: Leonard, Jackson
PF: Duncan, Diaw, Bonner
C: Jefferson, Splitter, Curry

Solid lineup that competes for a championship without losing anything in our depth advantage. Those 13 suit and then you can keep Brown also and let either him or Joseph season some in the D-league.

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