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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you said whoever put the ball in the basket any way they can is a scorer. please don't forget that fact. by "anyone" is any player that's played the game.

so shooting a high % isn't putting the ball in the basket?

better yet: so shooting the ball doesn't make the player a scorer? that would include Neal.

point exactly

PS: you watching Spurs @ Heat? Neal gets the ball at the top of the key and dude can't even dribble it a bit to even create something (like a scorer would). he pops an ill advised 3 because that's all he can do: shoot (just like the above mentioned).
His handles suck and he can't drive to the hoop and is not a PG, we all should know that one JOSER LOL! I have not seen one fan praise him for a driving ability or say he can create his own shot nor be a PG until recently lol. He is what he is, a specialty player who can shoot the ball from deep (Makes some dumb shot attempts though like the one you mention). I hope he does well and improves alot, hell I want him to!

He is not our answer at backup PG though, if they think he is then we are in trouble there.
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