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Spurs no longer the only team with Black/White Jerseys

The Nets’ black jerseys are beautiful, and I would support the wearing of said jerseys in all 82 games. That’s in part because the white jerseys are just so, so white with very little flair of any kind. The minimalist black-and-white look is gorgeous on the road jerseys but weirdly bland/off-putting on the home whites. I’m far from a style expert — ask my wife — but part of the reason I generally dislike black alternates is that teams typically pair them with another dark color from their core scheme. So the Bulls, for instance, will use black jerseys with lettering and numbers in the same bold red I love so much on their normal road jerseys. The look is just very dark; nothing sticks out. The Nets’ black jerseys mix light and dark in a way that is more appealing.

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