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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Naa, I never wanted to just dole out the money to TP. And I can't find the exact quotes, but the contract I was originally suggesting wasn't a max contract either (though it was more than he is getting now).

In terms of putting adds on jerseys, I personally don't see anything wrong with it at all. There is nothing about putting adds on jerseys that lacks integrity? I understand you may personally not want it, by that doesn't' make it an integrity issue.
I didn't throw out 15 million just out of the blue. Never said you said it was max money either but what he got (real world) was market value. Than you wanted to trade him before last year and he had his best year ever. Mistake #2 on that one. It's ads not adds FYI. Respecting the game is something that should be held high. I think most people on here would prefer to leave them off. Like I said Stern doesn't even want them.
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