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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Where did that come from? Are you going back to when I made the argument that Tony could earn a max contract if he took over the team? I was saying I wouldn't be upset if they gave him that, if he earned it by leading the team to a championship (which he didn't by the way).

As far as your opinions about adds on jerseys. . . I can respect that opinion. I just don't like hearing people say the owners are greedy for trying to find more revenue sources. That is not greedy. Everyone tries to find new revenue, owners, players, fans, everyone.
Well at first it was give TP the money no matter what and later on you added the lead the team to a title add on after the fact. About the owners finding more revenue etc., That's fine and dandy but I think the real reason is some of the owner's businesses have tanked outside of basketball because of the recession. They are trying to make up for it with ads on jerseys to offset their personal losses not related to basketball operation. It's not the fans' fault the Sun's owner got screwed over in the real estate market. Money is important but as NBA owners have some integrity for the game at least.
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